Our Future Plans

We Have An Opportunity To Expand Grace’s Ministry Impact

The addition of new facilities for Grace Community Church will increase our ability to positively impact thousands of lives in Woodland and the surrounding areas. We want this church to be a place where people can discover the truth about God and experience His life altering love firsthand. Every good investment pays dividends and this effort is no exception!


This opportunity isn’t just about land or a building. Even though that’s part of it, it’s about people allowing God to renew them from the inside out. He will use us in ways we could have never imagined. Your sacrificial giving doesn’t just pay for a building or the property – it builds God’s Kingdom!

Greater Things start at the door of our hearts and opens into the streets of eternity.


Now, as we continue planning our permanent location, we dream of expanding the impact we can make together here in Woodland and the surrounding communities all in the name of Jesus.

For more information about the current status of this long term goal, please contact the church office.