Pastor Jared Bennett


IMG_5368Pastor Jared has served as our Associate/Youth Pastor since May 2013. Jared and his wife (Stephanie), daughter (Riley), and son (Logan) happily call Woodland their home and love serving the teens of our community! While they grew up together in Burlington, Iowa (they first met when he was 12 and she was 10), Jared and Stephanie were not high school sweethearts – in fact it was only after there was a 1,700 mile distance between them that love first grew. They were married in 2009 and welcomed their first child in 2016. Their second arrived in 2018.

Jared graduated with his Bachelors from Multnomah University in December 2012 with a double major in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry. He is currently working on earning his Masters in Applied Theology (with a Youth Ministry focus) from Multnomah Seminary. Alongside all the years of school, he has over a decade of experience in working with parents and volunteers to effectively share the love of Jesus with teens of all walks of life.

Jared’s hobbies include: brewing the perfect cup of coffee, printing geeky items on his 3D printer, collecting Lego mini figures, putting off fixing that moped in the garage, playing video games, enjoying the latest movies on the biggest screen available, and thinking he is better than he actually is at Disc Golf.


Pastor Jared’s Top 10 Recommended Books
(in no particular order):